5 Things You Didn't Know AI Could Already Do 

By Satyajit Patra

Image Source: Simplilearn.com

Now Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just a science fiction, It's already a part of our daily lives in surprising ways.

Image Source: macworld.com

AI can help to predict weather change with greater accuracy and save us from storms and other events.        

Image Source: techwireasia.com

AI can create unique and even catchy music! Some songs you might listen to have AI-generated.

Image Source: cined.com

AI also helps in medical department like doctors analyze medical scans, identify potential problems, and even assist in surgeries.

Image Source: forbes

AI is being used to develop self-driving cars, improve chatbots for customer service, and even personalize your social media experience.

Image Source: HackerNoon

AI is rapidly developing and will continue to impact our lives in even more ways. Stay curious and learn more about this exciting technology!

Image Source:  Easy-Peasy.AI