Plants That Only Flower at Night

By Satyajit Patra

Image Source: Planet Natural

Not All Flowers Shine in the Day! Some flowers are blooming only at night, filling the darkness with fragrance and beauty.

Image Source: iStock

Moonflowers are blooming at night with fragrant and white flowers as dusk approaches.


Image Source: The Bouqs Co.

This fragrant climber fills the evening air with its sweet aroma, attracting night-pollinating insects like moths


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the Night Phlox explodes with fragrant white, pink, or purple blooms towards evening.

Phlox plant 

Image Source: Gardengram

This cheerful flower opens its bright yellow petals in the late afternoon.


Image Source: JungleDragon

Explore the beauty of night-blooming flowers! You might be surprised by the hidden world of fragrance and color that unfolds after dark.

Image Source: Platt Hill Nursery